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Place order

A Buyer or Seller is matched with your order, and the trade is executed.

The Place Order API provides a seamless and efficient way for you to submit your orders directly into our system.

You will receive an immediate confirmation of your order with a unique order number.

Method: POST

Request details

ParameterDescriptionData typesExample
userIdUser Id of the login userString"AA1999"
exchangeNSE / NFO / BSE / BFOString"NFO"
tradingSymbolTrading Symbol (use url encoding to avoid special char error for symbols like M&M) NSE NFOString"ITC-EQ"
quantityOrder QuantityString"10"
priceOrder PriceString"260"
triggerPriceOnly to be sent in case of SL / SL-M orderString"0"
productC / M / I C -> Cash and Carry, M -> F&O Normal, I -> IntradayString"C"
transactionTypeB / S B -> BUY, S -> SELLString"B"
priceTypeLMT / MKT / SL-LMT / SL-MKTString"LMT"
retentionDAY / EOS / IOCString"DAY"
remarksUser can send remarks for the orderString"place order"
jKeyKey Obtained on login success.String"d9b4e1b1c79042476fd96
curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"userId": "AA123",
"exchange": "NSE",
"tradingSymbol": "ITC-EQ",
"quantity": "1",
"price": "300",
"product": "I",
"transactionType": "B",
"priceType": "LMT",
"retention": "DAY",
"triggerPrice": "0",
"remarks": "curl Package Order",
"jKey": "e6a211bea63adff386578988e1cf4a9521c4744e6a39ad63174c8797e2af8c38"

Success response details

ParameterDescriptionData typesExamples
data.requestTimeResponse received time.String "14:10:13 15-02-2023"
data.orderNumberIt will be present only on successful Order placement to OMS.String"1234567890111"

Failure response details

ParameterDescriptionData TypeExample
codeHTTP CodeString"400"
nameType of errorString"BAD_REQUEST"
error.fieldError fieldString"transactionTypes"
error.messageError messageString"transactionType cannot be undefined or NULL"

Sample response

"status": "Success",
"data": {
"requestTime": "14:10:13 15-02-2023",
"orderNumber": "1234567890111"