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Trade book

When an order is actually executed on the exchange within the stipulated conditions, the actual execution status along with the trade number gets reflected in the Trade Book in your online account.

It furnishes a comprehensive rundown of the completed trades for the ongoing trading day

Method: POST

Request details

ParameterDescriptionData typesExample
userIdUser Id of the login userString"AA1999"
jKeyKey Obtained on login success.String"d9b4e1b1c79042476fd9611eed81003b2dc 34c3f13b0b60a4842fd5a24c9f3f2"
curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"userId": "AA123",
"jKey": "e6a211bea63adff386578988e1cf4a9521c4744e6a39ad63174c8797e2af8c38"

Response success details

Response data will be in json Array of objects with below fields in case of success.

ParameterDescriptionData typesExamples
data.userIdUserId of the login userString"AA0011"
data.exchangeExchange SegmentString"NFO"
data.priceTypeLMT / MKT Price typeString"MKT"
data.retentionDAY / IOC / EOSString"DAY"
data.productDisplay product alias name, using prarr returned in user details.String"I"
data.fillIdFill IDString"607999000"
data.fillTimeFill TimeString"17-02-2023 14:15:50"
data.transactionTypeB/S Transaction type of the orderString"B"
data.tradingSymbolTrading symbol / contract on which order is placed.String"BANKNIFTY23FEB23P40000"
data.quantityOrder QuantityString"25"
data.tokenContract TokenString"57828"
data.fillsharesTotal Traded Quantity of this orderString"25"
data.pricePrecisionPrice precisionString"2"
data.lotSizeLot sizeString"25"
data.tickSizeTick sizeString"0.05"
data.fillPriceFill PriceString"63.65"
data.fillQuantityFill QuantityString"25"
data.exchordidExchange Order NumberString"189654321235"
data.orderTimeorderTimeString"14:15:50 17-02-2023"
data.exchangeUpdateTimeUpdate time of exchangeString"17-02-2023 14:15:50"

Failure response details

ParameterDescriptionData TypeExample
codeHTTP CodeString"404"
nameType of errorString"ORDERS_NOT_FOUND"
error.fieldError fieldString"orderDetails"
error.messageError messageString"No data on the orders was found"

Sample response

"status": "Success",
"data": [
"orderNumber": "1234567890111",
"userId": "AA0011",
"exchange": "NFO",
"tradingSymbol": "BANKNIFTY23FEB23P40000",
"quantity": "25",
"transactionType": "B",
"priceType": "MKT",
"retention": "DAY",
"token": "57828",
"priceFactor": "1.000000",
"pricePrecision": "2",
"lotSize": "25",
"tickSize": "0.05",
"product": "I",
"orderTime": "14:15:50 17-02-2023",
"fillId": "607999000",
"fillTime": "17-02-2023 14:15:50",
"fillshares": "25",
"fillQuantity": "25",
"fillPrice": "63.65",
"exchordid": "189654321235",
"exchangeUpdateTime": "17-02-2023 14:15:50"