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General Updates

9th August 2023


BFO Symbols download added

22nd April 2023


Multi websocket support added Multi websocket

17th April 2023


API Rate limit of getQuotes has been changed to 3 req/second

4th April 2023


27th Feb 2023

  • Community Forum has been released.
  • 3.0.0 has been released., the main CURL has been changed to:
  • The failure response structure has been changed:
  • {
    "status": "Failed",
    "code": "401",
    "name": "INVALID_PASSWORD",
    "error": {
    "field": "password",
    "message": "password parameter is invalid"

    The representation of the Exceptions has been changed
    BAD_REQUESTUndefined or missing parameter in the request structure provides this exception.
    SESSION_EXPIREDRepresents user account related errors
    INVALID_[variable]Represents when variables is invalid, depends on the variable type in request response.
    ORDER_NOT_FOUNDRepresents when Order not found to cancel
    ORDERS_NOT_FOUNDRepresents when No data on the orders was found
    PRODUCT_CONVERSIONRepresents when Product Conversions are disallowed after system square off
    PRODUCT_USAGERepresents when Product Regular not enabled on exchange NSE
    BASKET_DETAILSRepresents when Basket should contain orders of only 1 exch
    EXCHANGE/TOKENRepresents when no data is available on the token or exchange
    API_RATE_LIMITRepresents when the users exceed the rate limit.

    API Rate limiter has been added
    End PointRate-Limit
    Quote3 req/second
    Historical Candle3 req/second
    All other endpoints10 req/second
    Order Placement200 req/minute